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Costume orders close on July 1st and will arrive around 1 August.
We will not be taking wig orders in this batch.
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 Another leading countercultural figure

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Another leading countercultural figure Empty
PostSubject: Another leading countercultural figure   Another leading countercultural figure EmptyTue Jul 26, 2011 8:20 pm

Another leading countercultural figure, the beatnik poet Allen Ginsberg, was a supporter of Prabhupada. He had met the swami earlier in New York[12] and assisted him in extending his United States visa.[22][nb 3] Despite disagreeing with many of Prabhupada's required prohibitions, especially the ones pertaining to drugs and promiscuity, Ginsburg often publicly sang the Hare Krishna mantra, which he had learned in India. He made the mantra part of his philosophy[23] and declared that it "brings a state of ecstasy."[24] He was glad that Prabhupada, an authentic swami from India, was now trying to spread the chanting in America. Along with other countercultural ideologues like Timothy Leary, Gary Snyder, and Alan Watts, Ginsberg hoped to incorporate Prabhupada and the chanting of Hare Krishna into the hippie movement.[nb 4] Ginsberg agreed to take part in the Mantra-Rock Dance concert and to introduce the swami to the Haight-Ashbury hippie community.[23][25]

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Another leading countercultural figure
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