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 Air Traffic-Fractured life

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Air Traffic-Fractured life Empty
PostSubject: Air Traffic-Fractured life   Air Traffic-Fractured life EmptyTue Feb 15, 2011 6:40 pm

Air Traffic-Fractured life
Air Traffic are becoming a true indie force. rattiling out mellow songs infused with piano, giving there music a unique blend. There newly sealed album, profoundly named ''Fractured Life'' is deeply involving and awsomely worked with emotion seeping from its tender aura. The album contains flaws, it has its repetative edge but there is a special vibe about it. Its Groundbreaking for a band to release a album with this quality and its their first true record.

The indie culture has grown and overpowered other styles of music. Its rise to fame has notified bands in that mould to be freefully artistic. Air Traffic are a prime example of indie-realists, branching out there comfort zone of independence and entering the lights of mainstream. Audacious it may seem, but there debut album has earned them mind-blowing acclaim, and they have became one of Britian's most potential ridden acts.

Fractured Life contains all the loud-mouthed riffs and beautifully intact songs to make it a mainstream contribution, but their is a sweetness inside it that breaks through the barrier of normality. Catchy would be the easiest way to describe the record but it's also wonderfully lyrical. Its introduction is gleefully pure and utterly valuable for the rest of the album. Just abuse me starts off records intensity, loud, prolific and your face. Then realeasing away from the grasp of up-tempo and landing back into sentimentality.

Read more: http://www.musicbanter.com/album-reviews/28794-air-traffic-fractured-life-lyric-indie-debut-album-album-celtic.html#ixzz1E1R48TID
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Air Traffic-Fractured life
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