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 Rogue Wave: Out Of The Shadow (Rough)

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Rogue Wave: Out Of The Shadow (Rough) Empty
PostSubject: Rogue Wave: Out Of The Shadow (Rough)   Rogue Wave: Out Of The Shadow (Rough) EmptyMon Feb 14, 2011 3:54 pm

Rogue Wave: Out Of The Shadow (Rough)

1. "Every Moment"- Super-Furry-Animals electronic-garbage intro that gets kind of Charroey/Estaban-informercialish at around :45 into the song. Not that great drumming, but it's indie-acoustic... so they have more than enough time to let the bastard drink Jack Daniels backstage and get sloppy on his 3-piece set or whatever he has. It has classical-indie guitar picking that almost seems looped with deep basslines that link harmless, bleach-blonde, and 60's era harmonies and ends in some enjoyable digital-outro-garbage that Palmer Houchins seems to love for the right reason though The Beatles did it 10 ties better and rewinded it on "A Day In The Life" ( See Paul Brill Harpooner, it has kidz voices and creepier electronics. It's way better than this album though).

2. "Nourishment Nation"- For some reason this band can't get away from simple Sub-Rocking ditties that Jack Black could do back when he was 12 when he didn't consider Tenacious D a joke. He too played ACDC riffs like this during a power outage on his acoustic... as he was not trying to wake up his parents with generic, adolescant music and guitars. Still a very good song.

3. "Be Kind Remind"- It's getting to the point where every moment of this song feels like the first song "Every Moment", but on valiums, flirts with masculenity, and butt-sex. Rogue Wave's producer hasn't written a better part for guitarists/minstrels since his work on "Greensleeves" in 1584. The song also has electronic, bird-chirping effects-- and I do not know how to feel about that one: real birds are hard to catch I guess when you're ****ing around smoking hash in a studio mocking American Culture and movie rentals.

Read more: http://www.musicbanter.com/album-reviews/29083-rogue-wave-out-shadow-rough-electronic-indie-rock.html#ixzz1DuwcS5OS
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Rogue Wave: Out Of The Shadow (Rough)
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