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August batch is now open.
Costume orders close on July 1st and will arrive around 1 August.
We will not be taking wig orders in this batch.
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 [Fairy Tail] [Lucy , Gray , Loki]

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[Fairy Tail] [Lucy , Gray , Loki] Empty
PostSubject: [Fairy Tail] [Lucy , Gray , Loki]   [Fairy Tail] [Lucy , Gray , Loki] EmptyMon Jan 10, 2011 11:40 pm

hihi. would like a quote on 3 different costumes.

first up will be loki,
pictures as follow:

[Fairy Tail] [Lucy , Gray , Loki] 123cz212
-would like the black jacket to have a more reflective look to it. and would i need to pay more for the jacket to have an interior lining made of silk and shoulder pats?
-belt would be brown in colour with silver normal buckle.

[Fairy Tail] [Lucy , Gray , Loki] Fairy_10
a clearer look at the tie.

[Fairy Tail] [Lucy , Gray , Loki] 3510
the jacket would have a 4 button sleave and interiour white long sleeve tee.

[Fairy Tail] [Lucy , Gray , Loki] 33633310
back view of the jacket and shoes (normal business man shoes apparently)

[Fairy Tail] [Lucy , Gray , Loki] Fairy_11
is it possible for u all to make the glasses? how much would it cost too.


next would be Lucy,
pictures as follow:

[Fairy Tail] [Lucy , Gray , Loki] Images11
[Fairy Tail] [Lucy , Gray , Loki] Images16
shirt skirt brown belt wrist band boots

[Fairy Tail] [Lucy , Gray , Loki] Images15
lucy belt on the left has a button release to put the whip.

[Fairy Tail] [Lucy , Gray , Loki] Images14
back pouch on the right.

how much will it be to add in the black boots wigs and maybe the whip? are the keys available to buy from u all? in taobao spree?


last but not least.
pictures as follow:

unfortunately there is only 1 picture on google of this version my friend wants to do.

[Fairy Tail] [Lucy , Gray , Loki] 211px-10
[Fairy Tail] [Lucy , Gray , Loki] Gray_f10

according to the photos. the white jacket outside would be 3 lines to the back on the lower part. and at the bottom of both sides a button/linining all the way one round around the jacket. similiar to the loki costume would like to have this jacket interior lining be sewed with silk and shoulder pat, if its possible. normal dry fit deep blue shirt. baggy pants with only front pockets. belt is a simple blue/grey coloured clothed belt.

is the boots possible to be ordered via u too?

thats all on all 3 costumes i would like a detailed quotation from you.
thank you for looking at this long request on 3 costumes.
hope to hear from you soon.

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[Fairy Tail] [Lucy , Gray , Loki]
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