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August batch is now open.
Costume orders close on July 1st and will arrive around 1 August.
We will not be taking wig orders in this batch.
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 WTS : KHR doujinshi, mostly 8059-centric

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kitska hiwatari

kitska hiwatari

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WTS : KHR doujinshi, mostly 8059-centric Empty
PostSubject: WTS : KHR doujinshi, mostly 8059-centric   WTS : KHR doujinshi, mostly 8059-centric EmptyMon Nov 22, 2010 9:25 am

Hi guys, I'm selling off my doujinshi, since I'm falling out of the fandom. link to photos. All prices are in USD.

1. Planet 9 [English]
2. YG:'05-'06 [R-18] - Maybism
4. Nella pioggia intensa -la prima parte- [R-18] - Nikushoku shonen
5. Nella pioggia intensa -la parte seconda- [R-18] - Nikushoku shonen
6. Over the times [R-18] - Nikushoku shonen
7. プリンセス HAYATO [R-18] - NALIS
8. ニョクデラ [R-18] - UOHSAOH
9. サイミンコーカ (saimin ko-ka) [R-18] - UOHSAOH
10. First H [R-18] - NALIS
11. 3年M組獄寺先生 (3nen Mgumi Gokudera sensei) [R-18] - NALIS
12. 3年S組山本先生 (3nen Sgumi Yamamoto sensei) [R-18] - NALIS
13. きらきらとかがやくもの (kirakira to kagayaku mono) [R-18] - NALIS
14. 3年S組山本先生R (3nen Sgumi Yamamoto sensei R) [R-18] - NALIS
15. 3年M組獄寺先生R (3nen Mgumi Gokudera sensei R) [R-18] - NALIS
16. Bittersweet! [R-18] - NALIS
17. 山獄天国 (YamaGoku Tengoku) [R-18] - NALIS
18. かぞく (Kazoku) [R-18] - NALIS
19. 薬指の背徳 (Kusuriyubi no haitoku) [R-18] - Nikushoku shonen
20. Ci sposiamo! [R-18] - Nikushoku shonen
21. Summer Vacation [R-18] - Nikushoku shonen
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WTS : KHR doujinshi, mostly 8059-centric
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