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August batch is now open.
Costume orders close on July 1st and will arrive around 1 August.
We will not be taking wig orders in this batch.
Find out how to order costumes here.
Find out how to order wigs here.
Customers located outside Singapore, please read this.


 June Batch - Costumes ONLY

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June Batch - Costumes ONLY Empty
PostSubject: June Batch - Costumes ONLY   June Batch - Costumes ONLY EmptySat Apr 24, 2010 9:35 am

We are only taking costume orders this month as we need to sort through the backlog of wig orders from the past few batches. I will be busy making my own costumes / preparing to go to Korea at the end of May, so response to emails may be slow.

If you need a costume for Cosfest/ The Games Expo, please order in this batch.

Estimated Arrival: 20 June.

1. Blazblue - Hazama (AU)
2. Seitokai no Ichizon - Ken
3. Ranma 1/2 - Soun Tendo
4. Vocaloid - Akaito (White)
5. Daemon Bride - Reizei Abane
6. Kiddy Girl-and - Tweedledee
7. Blazblue - Hazama (CA)
8. Kuroshitsuji - Joker
9. Hitman Reborn - Mukuro
10. Hitman Reborn - Byakuran
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June Batch - Costumes ONLY
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