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 [WTS] various manga

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[WTS] various manga Empty
PostSubject: [WTS] various manga   [WTS] various manga EmptyWed Aug 12, 2009 3:01 am

hello everyone. my friend and i are putting up our manga for sale. some of the books we have have yellowing pages but we have kept them in very good condition so other than yellowing pages the pages are not bent or damaged or whatever. (if its yellowing i'll write it there)

-bank transfer-

-meetup preferred to postage- (postage fee is not cheap either)
-location will be best if from yishun to ang mo kio stations-
-along red line will be good as well-
-can be discussed-

other things to note
1. you can check/inspect the goods before paying. we didnt take pictures because some of the manga has plastic covers and flash ruins the photos
2. try not to back out at the last minute
3. please dont reserve and *disappear* or the manga you want will be sold to another willing buyer
4. try to reply any pm or email within 3 days of receiving it

please pm me if you are interested in any of the following titles. thanks~

pictures can be posted upon request (but the books are at my friend's place so it may take some time)
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Posts : 18
Join date : 2009-07-01
Age : 27
Location : LaLaLand

[WTS] various manga Empty
PostSubject: manga titles   [WTS] various manga EmptyWed Aug 12, 2009 3:15 am

all prices negotiable.

completed series only selling by set
Absolute Boyfriend [1-6end] yellowing, $30
Tokyo Mew Mew [1-7end] yellowing, $35
Gundam SEED [1-5end] $30
Twin Princess Wonder Planet [1-2end] $14
The Mythical Detective Loki [1-7end] $47

Bless the Blood [1-3end] yellowing, $13
摇滚下的蓝色蔷薇 [1-5end] yellowing,books 1&2 got plastic cover, $23
与木头恋爱吧![1-3end] quite yellow, $6

* * *

chinese selling at $4.50 each,all yellowing
玻璃羽毛少年 (x2 because we both have this book. one of them has plastic cover)

Voices of a distant star $8.50
Because you smile when I sing $7.50
Wanted $7.50
Great Waiters $7.50

* * *

uncompleted manga
those that have from book 1 onwards,we'll urge you to get from book 1 to the latest we are offering
others can just buy by single volume

A Thousand Years of Snow [1] $6.50
MAR (Marchen Awakes Romance) [1-7,series ends at 15] $50 for 1-7

仙曲 [1-6] yellowing, $21 for all
kamikaze神风 [1,3,5,6,series ends at 7] yellowing,book 1 bad condition when bought,pages falling off, $3 each, $10 for all
棋灵王 [1-3,7,9-19.21-23end (aka missing 4,5,6,8,20)] yellowing, $4 each, $65 for all
通灵童子 Shaman King [1,2,5,6,series ends at 32] $4 each, $13 for all
千年之雪 [1-2latest] yellowing but both got plastic cover, $9 for all
神to战国生徒会 [1-2,series ends at 10] slightly yellow, $9 for 2
GetBackers [1-3,series ends at 39] yellowing, $12 for all
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[WTS] various manga
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