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 Selling Mangaaaaa 8D

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Selling Mangaaaaa 8D Empty
PostSubject: Selling Mangaaaaa 8D   Selling Mangaaaaa 8D EmptyWed Jan 28, 2009 11:38 pm

Pictures will be up if anyone is interested in them ^^
All sold in a set. Not able to sell separately. Sorry.
Payment: Cash on meetup ^^
Meetup preferably at CCK. If not, we can try to fix a location and time.
PM me or email me at sillyness_nutty_brains[at]hotmail.com if interested ^^
Price is slightly negotiable. Need to raise a bit of funds for school fees. OTL

#1 Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-Chan (TW, kadokawa)
Vol 1,2,3 (incomplete, ongoing)
Condition: Read only once. I'll give a 9.5/10.
Price: [s]$21[/s] $16.50

#2 Kyou Kara Maou(TW, kadokawa)
Vol 1, 2 ,3 (incomplete, ongoing)
Condition: Read only once. 9.5/10.
Price: [s]$20[/s] $16.50

#3 Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu(TW, kadokawa)
Vol 1,2,3,4 (incomplete, ongoing)
Condition: Read only once. 9.5/10.
Price: $24 #20

#4 Lucky Star
(TW, kadokawa)
Vol 1,2 (incomplete, on going)
Condition: read only once. But because the price tag sticker was not well removed, it is slightly dirty at the back. WIll provide pics to show the condition. I'll try my best to clean it for anyone who is really interested. I'll rate it 8/10 because of the sticker marks.
Price: [s]$12[/s] $10

#5 腐女子的品格 (TW)
One vol end. It is not actually a manga. More of a 4koma+stuff. It talks about a fujyoshi and her life. Pretty interesting.
Condtion: Read once. 9.5/10
Price: [s]$7[s] $5

#6 美beauty (CY)
6 vols. End.
Condition: Good condition. Other than yellowish pages (grrr, CY). All seems well. First two book is wrapped by me using plastic book wrappers 7.5-8/10
Price: [s]$18[/s] $15

#7 Shaman King (CY)
Vol 20, 19, 21 (loose volumes)
Condition: Good. Other than the yellowish pages (Grrrr CY again), all seems ok. 8/10
(vol 20, 21 talks about Yoh and Anna's past when they were young. <3 )
Price: [s]$7.50[/s] $4

#8 Shaman King Guide book (TW, Tong Li)
One volume.
Condition: Good. Other than the slight yellowing in pages, all is well kept. I'll give it a 8.5/10.
Price: $5

#9 DeathNote (All CY cept vol 11 is Tongli)
1-12 (complete)
Condition: 1,2 condition is so so/ slightly below so so (if you are a fussy buyer, like me). Someone I lent to din't take care of my books. 3 is wrapped. 4-10 are brand new (though unwrapped already) or read only once (I normally borrowed from someone else and my set is like for collection) 11 is TongLi, brand new. 12 bought from someone, condition good. All books are opened and yellowish (CY, duh). Most of them are brandnew/read only once. S.. yar >_<;;
Price: [s]$48[/s] $45

For now, that's all.
Thanks for viewing this thread. I really cant bear to sell my manga. T^T But I do hope I can raise just a bit for school fees, and that the manga I'm selling will have a new home.
Again, do email me at sillyness_nutty_brains@hotmail.com or PM me ^^
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Selling Mangaaaaa 8D
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